Bacon Caprese Salad
A vinaigrette made with roasted garlic and bacon adds salty, savory flavor to a classic caprese salad. Helen Rosner

There are few better places to be at the height of tomato season than at Everyday People Cafe in Douglas, Michigan, where chef Mike Bild serves thick slices of perfectly ripe tomatoes and slabs of creamy burrata drizzled with an addictively tangy, smoky vinaigrette. I loved the vinaigrette so much that I pressed chef Bild for the recipe, which he was happy to share. The secret ingredient, it turned out, was smoked bacon—and lots of it. Blitzed with aromatic rice vinegar, honey, celery, garlic, shallots, a dash of lemon juice, and a little mustard, the luscious dressing is a perfect balance of pucker, sweetness, and bacon-y, umami richness. Tossed with fresh mozzarella and tomato wedges, it makes a killer caprese salad, but is also wonderful as a spread for BLTs, a relish for hamburgers, a ketchup alternative for home fries, and anywhere else (or should I say everywhere else?) that bacon is welcome.

Everyday People Cafe
11 Center Street, Douglas, MI

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