We're Obsessed With This Pasta Maker's Instagram

Go be mesmerized by Anthony Andiario's perfectly cut pasta footage

anthony andiario instagram
Anthony Andiario's exceptional InstagramInstagram

When Anthony Andiario started posting pasta-making videos on Instagram, he mostly wanted a way to keep track of his repertoire of dishes. It turns out that conjuring strascinati with a deft drag across a textured board and slowly extruding bigoli makes for addictive viewing.

Within a year, he had gained tens of thousands of followers. The videos were the authentic product of a pasta-making obsession: During his tenure at Phoenix’s Tratto, Andiario would take five or six hours to make 60 servings. “You have to be a little crazy,” he says by way of explanation. Rather than your typical tagliatelle, Andiario favors less common shapes. Some of his favorites, like tubular paccheri and flower-shaped campanelle, aren’t traditionally made fresh at all. “In Italy, different regions have their specific pasta shapes and sauces,” he says. “Here, we’re experimenting more.” And even if you’re eating leftovers, you can follow along on your phone, hypnotized.