Your Last Minute, Oh So Witty Food Halloween Costume Survival Guide

How to become the life of the party? Turn yourself into a piñata and throw candy at your friends

By SAVEUR Editors

Published on October 27, 2016

Associate art director Allie Wist gets into the Halloween spirit

Halloween can be a hassle. You have to buy candy for strangers, decorate your house with the cobwebs and skeletons you try to hide for the other 364 days of the year, and, of course, come up with a Halloween costume that's both witty and alcohol-resistant.

The SAVEUR staff is here to help. We've come up with some of our favorite food-themed Halloween costumes, ranging from quick and easy to labor-intensive, but so very scary.

Got milk? For three years running (ages ~4-7), I dressed up as a milk carton made from poster board, courtesy of my dad. The straw hole was where I poked my little head out. The first year he made it it was too wide so I couldn't get through the door to the elevator. — Sophie Brickman, features editor

Life of the party: One year I decided to attend a Halloween party as a piñata. I wore a giant papier-mâché animal head and draped myself in streamers, and pelted my friends and fellow party goers with candy. One suggestion—pick a candy that won't melt. — Katie Whittaker, assistant digital editor

Crowd-pleaser: Maybe this year I'll be a crunchy Pocky stick: brown tube dress, knee-high tan boots, Snyder's pretzel sticks. (Doubles as portable snacks.) — Leslie Pariseau, special projects editor

Dressing up as a burrito has never been easier.

Couples costume: Wrap yourself in tortilla towel and aluminum foil, lie on floor, and have a friend dressed as a Bay Area tech bro say how disappointing you are compared to La Taqueria. — Max Falkowitz, executive digital editor

A cuter couples costume: I dressed up as a bottle of ketchup last year! My man was my hot dog. We drank whiskey out of yellow mustard squeeze bottles. — Allie Wist, associate art director

Easy out: A big brown trash bag + sunglasses + a cane = A BLIND DATE HAHAHAHAHAHHA. — Alex Testere, associate editor

The literal actual best costume: When I was 10 or 11, my mom made me what turned out to be the worst costume of my childhood trick-or-treating life. I went as a head on a platter. She took a large box with a hole cut in it and put a tablecloth and a plastic silver serving tray with fake fruit glued to it. And she did a killer job on my makeup, from the neck up my head looked like it had been cut off. But no one got it. I went house to house and not a single person seemed to understand what I was. And there were no arm holes so my friend had to carry my bucket, which he complained about the whole time. I gave up after the person at the last house pointed at me and said, "ooh, scary box man" and laughed. My dad wore the same costume earlier to his company's halloween party and won best costume, so I guess it's all based on your audience. — Matt Taylor-Gross, staff photographer

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