Food Finds of El Paso

1. Chope's Bar and Cafe in La Mesa, New Mexico, outside El Paso. Amazing chiles rellenos.
2. Carlos Lopez, the head cook at Maxie's Taco Treat in El Paso, Texas. One of the many menuderias (menudo joints) in the city.
3. Bowls of menudo (tripe soup) with all the accompaniments (chopped onions, dried chiles, limes, epazote), at Maxie's Taco Treat.
4. H & H Car Wash and Coffee Shop in El Paso, Texas.
5. Huevos rancheros served with a delicious creamy gravy at H & H Car Wash.
6. New Mexico-style enchiladas, served flat with a chile colorado sauce and a fried egg on top, prepared by Malu Gonzalez of Las Cruces, New Mexico, near El Paso.
7. Texas-style enchiladas, rolled and topped with plenty of cheese, made by Malu Gonzalez of Las Cruces.
8. Jaime's Hut in El Paso, Texas.
9. Caldo de pollo at Jaime's Hut in El Paso, Texas.
10. The bar at La Posta, a landmark restaurant in Mesilla, New Mexico, near El Paso.
11. A marranito, a soft, gingerbread-style cookie in the shape of a pig, popular in northern Mexico and in Mexican-American communities throughout the Southwest. This one came from the San Elizario Bakery in San Elizario, Texas, outside El Paso.
12. Tacos and fideo soup at L&J; Cafe in El Paso, Texas.

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