Fair and Square

The Minnesota State Fair is a festival of regional favorites and food-on-a-stick. These photos first appeared with the June/July 2012 issue article Fair and Square.

Competing cakes from the Minnesota state fair are displayed after tasting and judging.
A meatball “sundae,” one of the foods served at the fair. Penny de los Santos
A fairgoer enjoys an apple dumpling a la mode. Penny de los Santos
Canning is one of many categories of culinary arts at the fair eligible for ribbons and prizes–here a fairgoer samples a jar of pickled beets. Penny de los Santos
A server at a fairground church dining hall. Local church suppers, insulated from the surrounding commotion, are a tradition at many fairs around the country. Penny de los Santos
Cured meats for competition are displayed in the Minnesota Fair’s Creative Activities building. Penny de los Santos
Miniature doughnuts are one of the many fried delicacies available for purchase at the fair. Penny de los Santos
Swedish coffee, colloquially known as Lutheran latte and familiar to many Swedish-Americans of the upper Midwest, is made by adding an egg before boiling the brew, which clarifies the coffee and removes any bitterness. Penny de los Santos
A volunteer gazes out at the fairground. Penny de los Santos
The Salem Lutheran dining hall, where one of the fair’s church suppers is in swing. Penny de los Santos
A cup of the fair’s perfect french fries, available salted and topped with ketchup or spritzed with malt vinegar. Penny de los Santos
Vendors shuck corn for sale at the fair. Penny de los Santos