After thirteen years, a native son returns to Lebanon and his family’s olive grove to work the harvest and receive its offerings: a bittersweet feast. While photographing the story, we documented the family reunion as well as the olive harvest.
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Lebanon Olive Mill
A worker pouring olives into a mill in Sidon, Lebanon. James Oseland
Olive Jar
The author’s mother, Isabelle, with a freshly packed jar of brined olives in her kitchen in Ain el Delb, Lebanon.
Spice Grinder
A spice grinder in Sidon, Lebanon, grinds coarse, sundried thyme for making za’atar; a blend of thyme sumac, oregano, sesame, hyssop, and other spices. James Oseland
Rinsing Olives
The author’s mother, Isabelle, rinses olives for brining. James Oseland
Olive Harvest
Syrian workers and the author’s father pick olives from the treetops in Ain el Delb, Lebanon. James Oseland
Stuffing Eggplant
Author Fouad Kassab (left) and his mother, Isabelle, prepare batenjen mehchi, Lebanese lamb-stuffed eggplant. James Oseland
Lebanon Countryside
The pine-forested hills in Jezzine, Lebanon, near author Fouad Kassab’s parents’ home in Ain el Delb, Lebanon. James Oseland
Family Feast
Family and friends gather for a harvest lunch at the author’s parents’ home in Ain el Delb, Lebanon. James Oseland