The ‘90s Are Back, Baby!

And so is SAVEUR—with this deep (and delicious) dive into the people, places, and recipes that defined a crucial decade in food.

Benjamin Kemper

By Benjamin Kemper

Published on December 1, 2022

It’s Sunday morning—time to wake up, muss your frosted tips, throw on some cargo pants, and head out. You're in a good mood today—Elton John’s new earworm is bopping in your headphones, you're seeing Hocus Pocus tonight at the movies, and friends are coming over later for antipasti and focaccia, the “it” bread that seems to be on every menu these days. 

Is it… 1992? 2022? Who cares? Maybe Einstein was right when he said, “Time does not exist—we invented it.” 

As we usher in a new era at SAVEUR—with a redesigned website, new podcast, and fresh voices and ideas—we are also exploring our roots, how we got here. The 1990s, the decade the magazine was founded, were pivotal to how we think about food today: Food television broke boundaries with stars like Emeril Lagasse and Sara Moulton. Salad bars, Frappuccinos, and gut-busting potato chips were all the rage—even if fat was supposedly enemy number one.

In this collection of stories and recipes—not to mention a killer ‘90s playlist for your next dinner party—we’re celebrating the decade of Snap Bracelets and Trapper Keepers, appletinis or bust. But we’re also taking a critical look, and have uncovered some pretty shocking secrets along the way. So grab your Discman and strap in—the ‘90s are back, baby.  

Benjamin Kemper, Senior Editor

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