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Barbecue Side Dish Recipes

Be the star of your next cookout with these barbecue side dish recipes

For a perfect barbecue, the grilled mains are important, but the meal isn't complete without a full spread of sides that hit every note: smoky, crunchy, spicy, and salty-sweet. We've rounded up awesome barbecue side dish recipes for you to serve at your next cookout.

Sweet corn is a natural side for a barbecue. The summer vegetable is great on the grill. Slather grilled corn on the cob with an herbed goat cheese compound butter or a garlicky pesto, or take it off the cob to make a succotash with edamame and cherry or plum tomatoes. For a richer corn side, you can't go wrong with our creamy corn casserole with cheddar and bacon.

Simultaneously hearty and refreshing, potato salad as an infinitely versatile side dish. It can be rich, like our lemon mayonnaise smashed potato salad, or lighter, like our olive oil-dressed Moroccan potato salad. Those are served cold or at room temperature—our pesto potato salad, on the other hand, can be served warm.

Barbecue food can be a little heavy, so fruit is a good way to lighten things up. Stone fruits are great for salads—mix peaches and plums with arugula, cilantro, and basil, and dress it with a little red wine vinegar to balance the sweetness. Or try our watermelon salad with feta and jalapeño— and save the rind for pickling.

Find all of these dishes and more in our collection of barbecue side dish recipes.

Sautéed Onion and Yogurt Dip

This recipe is a far cry from the gloopy, mayonnaise-like onion dip you'll find in a jar at your local grocery store. It's light, tangy, and inspired by Persian mast-o-musir, a mix of diced shallots and yogurt or labneh. Here, the alliums are lightly cooked to soften their bite; it's the perfect thing to make for a beach picnic or summer cookout.

Matt Taylor-Gross

Watermelon, Feta, and Jalapeño Salad

For a Southeast Asian spin, add fish sauce, chile, and Thai basil to the classic combination of watermelon and feta.

Drew Anthony Smith

Houston, Chris Shepherd, Grilling, Cabbage Slaw

In this offbeat slaw, raw red cabbage adds a textural contrast to the grilled green cabbage, and a zippy, spicy-sweet-salty dressing goes well with the charred bits.

Drew Anthony Smith

Tomato Salad with Green Beans and Basil

Tearing the basil leaves for this simple salad releases their aroma while preventing the bruising that results from chopping.

Marcus Nilsson

Peach and Plum Salad

In this salad red wine vinegar balances the sweetness of ripe fruit, while cilantro and basil add a floral note.

Marcus Nilsson

Crispy Smashed Za'atar Potatoes

Boiled buttery Yukon gold potatoes are smashed and roasted crisp in this side dish. A finishing sprinkle of za'atar, a heady Middle Eastern mix of spices, seeds, and herbs, brings these potatoes to the next level. Get the recipe for Crispy Smashed Za'atar Potatoes »

Farideh Sadeghin

Ignacio Mattos' Potato Salad

Boiling potatoes whole and unpeeled means they don't absorb too much water as they cook. Mixing them with an egg yolk and olive oil yields a rich dressing without the heavy creaminess of mayonnaise.

Marcus Nilsson

Sausage and Arugula Pasta Salad

Pasta salads are essential summer food: they travel well; they're easy to adapt to whatever produce you have on-hand; and they're simple to make in large portions, making them perfect dishes to carry to parties, picnics, and barbecues. Get the recipe for Sausage and Arugula Pasta Salad »

Farideh Sadeghin

grilled corn recipe, barbecue side dishes

Sweet corn grilled in its husk is enhanced by an herbal goat cheese compound butter.

Todd Coleman

Grilled Corn with Pesto

Grilled ears of corn take on a smokiness that pairs well with a garlicky pesto.

Todd Coleman

Summer Succotash Salad

Grilled sweet corn, plus fresh edamame in place of the traditional limas, elevates this light summer salad.

James Oseland

Pesto Potato Salad

Serve this simple and bright potato salad warm or cold alongside grilled or roasted meats and seafood. Get the recipe for Pesto Potato Salad »

Curried Potato Salad

Subarna Bhattachan, a Nepalese chef living in Lawrence, Kansas, folds a purée of cool yogurt, nutty tahini, and spicy red chiles into his fragrant take on potato salad. Get the recipe for Curried Potato Salad »

James Oseland

Jude's Perfect Potato Salad

A healthy dose of celery seeds and sharp Dijon mustard add a kick to this mashed potato and egg salad. Get the recipe for Jude's Perfect Potato Salad »

James Oseland

Potato Salad with Red Onion

This cool, creamy potato salad is spiked with pickle relish and red onion.

Helen Rosner

Green Bean and Peach Salad

Summer peaches pair remarkably well with sweet caramelized onions and crisp green beans in this salad from Deb Miller of Lawrence, Kansas.

James Oseland

Barbecue Potato Chips

Barbecue chips' smoky, tangy flavors are easy to create at home with a simple mixture that combines classic barbecue sauce spices such as chile powder, garlic powder, and onion powder, with the added kick of cayenne pepper.

Todd Coleman

Barbecued Baked Beans

These classic baked beans are a barbecue side-dish staple.

Todd Coleman

Watermelon Rind Pickles

Crunchy, sweet watermelon pickles offer a bright contrast to smoked meats.

Todd Coleman

Green Bean Salad with Feta and Mint

Feta, red onion, and mint are a classic combination; tossed with snappy green beans they make a salad of surprising complexity.

Maxime Iattoni

Cheesy Corn Casserole

This baked corn casserole is a popular side dish at Smokestack restaurant in Kansas City.

Todd Coleman

Lemon Mayonnaise Smashed Potato Salad

Homemade lemon mayonnaise adds zesty flavor to these tender, coarsely mashed potatoes.

Gemma and Andrew Ingalls

Moroccan Potato Salad

Bright and aromatic with plenty of fresh parsley, this potato salad is definitive of Moroccan cuisine.

Helen Rosner

Red Leaf Salad with Ranch Dressing

Light, tangy yogurt replaces rich mayonnaise in the herb-laced dressing for this salad.

André Baranowski

Southern-Style Mac and Cheese

In this wonderful regional take on mac and cheese, grated onion and Worcestershire sauce are added to the mix.

André Baranowski

Farmer's Salad with Beet Vinaigrette

This salad is topped with a bright thick sweet-tart pickled beet dressing.

James Oseland

Cucumber Salad

This crunchy salad is a cool complement to smoked meat.

Todd Coleman

Grilled Zucchini with Ramp Aioli

The combination of grilled squash and a cool, creamy aioli flavored with ramps is springtime at its best. Once ramp season has passed, you can substitute scallions in the aioli.

Maxime Iattoni

New England-Style Baked Beans

Flavored with molasses, maple syrup, and rum, this filling bean dish is simple to prepare; all it takes is time. Six hours of cooking yields thick, rich results.

Todd Coleman

Green Beans with Lemon and Capers

Inspired by the briny flavors of veal piccata, this elegant side dish is simplicity itself: blanched green beans tossed in a vinaigrette of capers, bright lemon, and a beautiful olive oil.

Maxime Iattoni

Grilled Eggplant with Basil Vinaigrette

Basil vinaigrette makes a perfect topping for grilled eggplant—also try it with other summer vegetables such as zucchini.

Maxime Iattoni

Asparagus Mint Slaw

Raw asparagus, carrots, and radishes get tossed with fresh mint and vinegar in this bright and crunchy slaw.

Helen Rosner

Marinated Tomatoes with Mint

For a slightly—just slightly—more elaborate dish that showcases the sweet juices of summer tomatoes, chef Chris Fischer dresses them with olive oil and vinegar, creating a vinaigrette seemingly out of nothing.

Elizabeth Cecil