10 No-Bake Sweets

Minty fudge, buttery caramels, and 8 more easy-to-make treats.

Chocolate Coconut Balls
These "Irish potatoes" are not what they would seem. This great recipe from Philadelphia's Moonstruck Restaurant showcases the bite-size coconut cream balls rolled in cinnamon, sugar, and cocoa.Erik Rank
Bourbon Balls
These chocolatey confections are what author Shane Mitchell calls "Southern truffles--boozy and bad to the bone."Ben Fink
Chocolate Truffles
Adding rolled oats that have first been ground in the food processor helps hold these chocolate balls together while giving them an earthy note.Todd Coleman
Peppermint Caramels
Peppermint Caramels
Chewy caramel topped with crushed peppermint candies is one of many versions of kola, a kind of semisoft toffee adored all over Sweden.Todd Coleman
White Chocolate-Mint Truffles
White Chocolate-Mint Truffles
When making these truffles, use supermarket-quality white chocolate, which has more stabilizers than expensive brands and sets up better.Todd Coleman