Nora Schä fer

• My kitchen is one of my favorite places in the house. Like most, it seems to be where everyone congregates whenever I have a party or even just a few people over. But as much as I love having family and friends around, my favorite times are when I’m preparing for guests to come over and just doing all the work by myself, listening to music.

• I love the view of my front yard from the window over the sink. It’s full of beautiful succulents and at this time of year, jasmine, which makes me very happy.

• One of my favorite things about my kitchen — a simple but awesome detail — is that it came with a full strip of power plugs underneath every cabinet. Every one! So no matter which counter I’m using, there is always a place to plug in whatever I need.

• I was really lucky when I bought my house eleven years ago: the kitchen was pretty much the same as it is now. It came with a six-burner stove and a double oven, which comes in handy when entertaining. One change I made though was adding wrought iron fixtures to all of the cabinets and doors, and I did it all myself with a power drill, so it felt like I was really making the space my own.

• Every month I prepare a batch of dog food for my two large rescue dogs, Jake and Maggie. I started making it about a year ago (organic chicken breast, brown rice, broccoli and carrots) and as much work as it is cooking, grinding, mixing and storing the batches in my freezer for the month, I really enjoy the time and process of making their food.

Interview conducted and condensed by Vanita Salisbury


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