Classic Apple Pie
Simple and delicious, this recipe brings out the sweet flavor of the apples. Three days before the feast, start prepping by making the pie dough for both pies, the cranberry sauce, and the mashed potatoes. Bring your bird home at least two days before Thanksgiving so you have ample time to presalt, a simple step that keeps the turkey juicy and intensifies its natural flavors. Get the recipe for Classic Apple Pie ». James Oseland

October 14 is National Dessert Day, so we’ve got a better excuse than usual to bake. According to Yahoo!, more people are searching for “cakes” right now, which beat out “ice cream” and “cookies” as the #1 search term. Among pies, apple pie is the flavor people crave most. But since we’ve never met a dessert we didn’t like, here are a few more options you can use to celebrate our new favorite holiday:

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