Elena Ruz
Commonly served during merienda (afternoon tea) in Cuba, this sandwich of turkey, jam, and cream cheese on a roll is sweet and savory all in one. Try substituting leftover cranberry sauce for the strawberry jam. Todd Coleman

As any kid or parent can tell you, there’s a fine and delicate art to crafting the perfect after-school snack. It’s a precisely calibrated mini-meal: hearty enough to tamp down a raging post-school appetite, but not so filling as to ruin dinner. It should be small, but not too small; as easy to prepare as it is to eat; and not require significant effort on anyone’s part. The recipes here are just what your kids will want when they get home from school — whether it’s the sweet hit of a date shake, the protein punch of bacon and cheese deviled eggs, or the easy freshness of raw veggies with made-from-scratch aioli.

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