Flavor-Infusing Water Bottle

Put some zing in your H20

By Anna Perling

Published on March 18, 2019

Now that summer has arrived, I know drinking water is a necessity—but sometimes I want to jazz up my dutiful doses of H20. This season, thanks to Aqua Zinger's infusing water bottle, I can naturally flavor my water with a bevy of berries, citruses, and herbs. I tried clementine-blackberry, raspberry-mango, and blueberry-melon, all of which put tap water to shame. I placed the fruit in the grinding compartment, and after the simple turn of a knob and a shake, tada—fruit water! A leak-proof cap guarantees that neither water nor flavor goes anywhere, and with the stainless steel design, I can go bananas, infusing everything from slushies to hot teas. When fall rolls around, I'll be steeping mint with my chamomile tea.

Zing Anything Flavor-Infusing Water Bottle, $25.99 at

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