Scenes from Georgia

From left: Leah Beroshvili, her grandson Lazare, daughter Ketevan, and son-in-law John Wurdeman, share a lunch of mchadi (Georgian cornbread); cheese; khachapuri (Georgian cheese bread); tomato and cucumber salad; eggplants stuffed with walnuts; and chicken and walnut stew. See the recipe for Khachapuri (Cheese and Egg Bread) »
See the recipe for Katmis Satsivi (Chicken with Walnut Sauce) »
Landon Nordeman

In the Republic of Georgia, bold, unique flavors, ancient methods of winemaking, and epic meals are at the center of a way of life. See some of the places, people and moments senior editor Karen Shimizu encountered while writing her feature on Georgia, which first appeared in our April issue.