Rolled and tied cuts of meat cook more evenly and carve up beautifully. SAVEUR executive food editor Todd Coleman shows you how to roll and tie a roast using a butcher’s slipknot, a technique he learned from a Dutch butcher.

What you’ll need:

A cutting board or other work surface

how to roll meat
Rolling the meat Saveur

Several lengths of twine, cut to about 3 times the circumference of the roast.

How it works:

  • Fold in any uneven edges to make a rough rectangle.
  • Roll the roast up tightly, like a jelly roll.
  • To make the slipknot, loop the twine under the roast. Pull both ends of the string over your right hand, keeping your index finger extended like a toy gun. Turn the “gun” downwards and twist, bringing the end of the twine around and up through the loop. Pull the end to cinch the knot against the roast, and cut the excess twine.
  • Repeat down the length of the roast, spacing knots about 1½ inches apart.

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