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Megan Zhang

By Megan Zhang

Published on April 21, 2023

Climate change is altering environmental conditions all over the world. These catalysts, mounting over time, are shifting the growing patterns and life cycles of flora and fauna, causing downstream effects in the food system like unpredictable yields, quality concerns, price increases, and sparse grocery store shelves.

Whether you’re personally experiencing these changes or you’re seeing them in the news, it’s clear that climate change is impacting what and how we eat—and we’ll likely only feel the effects more as time goes on. Farmers, winemakers, and fishermen are adapting their practices to accommodate rising temperatures. Home cooks are updating their shopping habits and experimenting with alternative ingredients. Scientists are developing new technologies to create plant- and cell-based versions of animal products. In every segment of the food system, our relationship to what we eat is transforming.

As a publication focused on global food, we want to know: what will the future taste like? That’s why we’re launching Serving the Planet, a portal of news reports, essays, and deep dives that take a curious look at how agricultural rhythms, cultivation techniques, cooking traditions, public policies, and familiar flavors are evolving in pursuit of a more regenerative, environmentally just food system. We’ll explore these changing structures in diverse contexts, from home kitchens and cocktail bars to fishing boats and research labs, to find out how those in the food world are taking steps toward a more sustainable future.

We’ve been asking these questions all along. Now, we’re bringing them together in an online hub that we’ll regularly update with our latest dispatches from around the globe. Together, we’ll find out what the future of food holds.

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