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Every so often we invite a guest chef to take over our Test Kitchen for a night. They serve a specially-designed menu to an intimate crowd of industry notables and friends of SAVEUR; there's always a special playlist and plenty of wine.

  • Igni chef Aaron Turner and Empellon chef Alex Stupak stop for a selfie during dinner.
  • From left to right: Tourism Australia's Jane Whitehead, SAVEUR Editor-in-Chief Adam Sachs, Chef Aaron Turner, Tourism Australia editorial director John O'Sullivan, and CMO Lisa Ronson gather for a group shot.
  • From left to right: Chef Scott Conant, Chef Seamus Mullen, and his girlfriend CJ Frogozo are all smiles for SAVEUR Suppers.
  • From left to right: Writer Peter Meehan and his wife Hannah Clark pose with writer Oliver Strand for a photo.
  • From left to right: Town & Country Executive Travel Editor Klara Glowczewska posing with writer Nilou Motamed and SAVEUR Editor-in-Chief Adam Sachs for a quick photo.
  • From left to right: Allure Executive Editor Danielle Pergament, writer Devin Friedman, and SAVEUR Deputy Editor Andrew Richdale pose for a photo.
  • Chef Alex Stupak and Chef and Spice Blender Lior Lev Sercarz raise a glass
  • From left to right: Bonnier Corporation's Scott Stewart, Greg Gatto, Jeff Timm, and Tourism Australia's Jane Whitehead are all smiles for Chef Aaron Turner's cooking.
  • From left to right: Tourism Australia editorial director John O'Sullivan, Bonnier Corp Editorial Director Anthony Licata, Field & Stream Editor-in-Chief Colin Kearns and CMO Lisa Ronson line up for a photo.
  • GQ Editor-in-Chief Jim Nelson and SAVEUR Deputy Editor Andrew Richdale spark up a conversation.
  • Writer Tarajia Morrell takes a bite of Chef Aaron Turner's fire-roasted squab.
  • Chef Aaron Turner tries his own cooking alongside Chef Tom Colicchio.
  • SAVEUR Editor-in-Chief Adam Sachs and Field & Stream Editor-in-Chief Colin Kearns enjoy each other's company.
  • Guests at supper enjoyed some ice-cold bubbly provided by Wine Australia.
  • Pickles and lobster? This Australian fusion is a wild, but tasty combination of flavors prepared by Chef Aaron Turner.
  • Chef Seamus Mullen and SAVEUR Editor-in-Chief Adam Sachs capturing the memories on social media.
  • Chef Aaron Turner's private label wine makes its intentions clear.
  • Chef Aaron Turner prepares to grill lobster with lime and fermented cucumbers.
  • Pouring some Tasmanian bubbly provided by Wine Australia.
  • Chef Aaron Turner grills a suckling pig.
  • Dinner came with a tasty wine accompaniment provided by Wine Australia.
  • Grillworks' Ben Eisendrath chats with Chef Aaron Turner.
  • Chef Aaron Turner uses his own house-fermented hot sauce from Australia before fire-roasting his oysters.
  • Guests were served some white wine provided by Wine Australia.
  • SAVEUR contributing editor Shane Mitchell and Deputy Digital Editor Dan Q. Dao are all smiles while celebrating the cookbook launch.
  • Chef Seamus Mullen checks out Chef Aaron Turner's new cookbook while Turner masters the grill.
  • Chef Aaron Turner's fire-roasted squab and plum was a massive hit.
  • Guests celebrated the launch of IGNI Chef Aaron Turner's debut cookbook.
  • Chef Aaron Taylor fired up the grill for his SAVEUR Supper.
  • Chef Aaron Turner prepared a suckling pig head.

Fire, smoke, meat. True to the ethos of his critically-acclaimed Geelong, Australia restaurant IGNI, chef Aaron Turner delighted and surprised us with an ambitious menu of flame-seared hits at last night's SAVEUR Suppers. Hosted at Editor-in-Chief Adam Sachs' home in Brooklyn, New York, the dinner brought together a crowd of food and media personalities to celebrate the launch of Turner's debut cookbook—and his rise as one of the best and brightest names in Australia's food scene.

Dinner, sponsored by Tourism Australia and Wine Australia, started with pickled mussels wrapped in zucchini blossoms and fired on Sachs' home grill. Guests also munched on raw vegetables dipped in caviar-laced yogurt, before moving onto oysters slicked with Turner's house fermented chili. Next were raw scallops and a jerky-like dried beef, all washed down with a superb Tasmanian bubbly.

For main courses, Turner unveiled an Australian specialty of lobster with pickles—his version seasoned the crustacean with butter and finger lime. Squab was likewise given a burst of acidity from plum, thrown on the fire next to the bird, which had been prepped outdoors on a wood-fire cauldron. A final meat entree was revealed to be suckling pig—including shoulder, legs, saddle, and head—flame-roasted and served with an apple sauce and grilled greens. To cap off the night, an assortment of berries and pineapple were splashed with warm honey.

Attendees left full of food and booze, to say the least. And now that we have your attention, snag your copy of Igni: A Restaurant's First Year for a no-holds-barred diary of Turner's challenges and successes in opening a high-end restaurant in the backstreets of Geelong.

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