Cut to the Core: How To Prepare Cassava

breaking down cassava
To break down cassava for cooking, begin by cutting off the tapered ends to reveal where the cordon begins, then divide the root into manageable lengths, approximately the size of a large russet potato. Maxime Iattoni
slicing cassava
Stand the segments up on their flat ends and, using a large chef’s knife, cut away the peel of the cassava in strips, rotating the cylinder as you go until it’s completely peeled. Maxime Iattoni
halving cassava
Halve the cassava cylinder lengthwise to expose the core. Continue cutting the cassava lengthwise into wedges, making sure to cut through the core. Maxime Iattoni
removing the inner core of cassava
Using your knife, slice off the inner corner of each wedge to remove the woody flesh and discard. Now that the cordon is removed, it’s safe to cook the cassava like any other vegetable, whether you choose to boil, saute, fry, or roast it. Maxime Iattoni