Recipes from the 2011 James Beard America’s Classics

Recipes from the 2011 James Beard America's Classics Winners

Chef Vola's

Chef Vola’s is one of the most mysterious restaurants in Atlantic City — complete with a secret reservation line and unassuming front of the house — but their expertly prepared Italian-American cuisine has nevertheless kept customers lined up at their doors. A beloved staple at the restaurant, Vola’s twist on a classic veal scaloppini is made heartier than the original by the addition of thin slices of eggplant and prosciutto. See the recipe for Veal Scallopini with Eggplant and Prosciutto »

Noriega Restaurant

After it was founded in 1893, the Noriega Hotel quickly became the center of Bakersfield, California’s lively Basque community. One of the regulars’ favorite dishes is a zingy cod salad, served on family-style along with other Basque delicacies like pickled tongue and rabbit stew. See the recipe for Bernardette’s Cod Salad »

Watts' Tea Shop

Watts’ Tea Shop, a Milwaukee staple with deep historical roots, has served this bright, fluffy layer cake for their afternoon tea service since the early 1900s. See the recipe for Sunshine Cake »

Le Veau d'Or

Even though the heydey of Le Veau d’Or, a French culinary fixture on the Upper East Side in Manhattan, is more than 50 years past, it’s still a go-to for precisely executed, classic bistro fare. In the restaurant’s pitch-perfect version of a rustic French dish called Poussins en Cocotte, spring chickens are braised in wine and stock until tender. See the recipe for Poussins en Cocotte »

cheese shrimp grits, shrimp and grits
Shrimp and Grits

Coarse stone-ground grits lend texture and robust flavor to a classic, cheesy dish with sweet shrimp and smoky bacon. Get the recipe for Shrimp and Grits »

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