James Oseland
Tokuko Shimbo
When author Hiroko Shimbo’s mother, Tokuko Shimbo, visited New York recently, the two cooks paid the SAVEUR test kitchen a visit to demonstrate how to prepare a typical Japanese breakfast. James Oseland
women making Japanese-style scrambled eggs
Together, they made Japanese-style scrambled eggs, pickled vegetables, seasonal greens, and miso soup. James Oseland
cutting broccoli rabe
The seasonal greens (in this case, broccoli rabe) were first cooked in dashi (fish stock) along with shoyu and sugar and then cut into bite-size pieces. James Oseland
pickled cabbage
The pickle was made of a mix of chopped green cabbage, thinly sliced radishes, and cucumbers and seasoned with shiso leaves. See the recipe for Pickled Cabbage James Oseland
miso soups
The miso soup, a staple at many Japanese meals, was augmented with soft tofu and a sprinkling of turnip greens. James Oseland
making scrambled eggs with chopsticks
Tokuko Shimbo used six chopsticks, all held together in one hand, to whisk the scrambled eggs as they cooked. James Oseland