Trussing a Turkey or Chicken

Thread an 8" trussing needle with a 24'" piece of cotton kitchen twine, and use it to sew up the cavity of the stuffed turkey, tucking the tail up and under and then sewing it closed.
2. TRUSSING: Rethread the needle with a 48" piece of twine, and push it through the soft part of the lower thigh and out the other side in the middle of the leg. Leave enough twine to tie off at the end.
Turn the bird over, breast side down. Push the needle through the wing and neck skin and out through the opposite wing. Then truss through the center of leg to lowest part of opposite thigh.
Push the needle under the legs through the thigh and the soft flesh under the breast and out to where you started. Pull the two ends taut, and tie them in a double bow. As you tie the two ends of twine, the bird will pull together into a solid "package."

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