South-of-the-Border Sides and Salads

A chile-spiked seafood cocktail, cheese-dusted corn on the cob, nopales with jalapeño dressing, and more accompaniments for a Mexican meal.

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Pickled Vegetables We came across this crunchy, vinegary salad at Casa del Sol in Juarez, Mexico, where it was served in place of the ubiquitous chips-and-salsa appetizer. See the recipe for Pickled Vegetables »Laurie Smith
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Mexican Seafood Cocktail

This dish is a favorite at Goode Company Seafood in Houston. It goes perfectly with fried tortilla chips and cold beer.Landon Nordeman

Crab-Stuffed Jalapeños

This dish is based on the crab-stuffed jalapeños found on menus throughout southeast Texas. We found that chilling the chiles after stuffing them makes them easier to coat with bread crumbs and fry.André Baranowski

Mexican Rice Pilaf

Mexican Rice Pilaf
This piquant, aromatic rice dish is a fun way to spice up your Thanksgiving dinner.Landon Nordeman