Wild Striped Bass

One of the most important commercial catches of the Chesapeake Bay, this distinctively patterned member of the bass family becomes widely available during the summer months and is sold primarily from July through December. Though striped bass can be purchased farm-raised, with greater consistency in quality, the wild variety has an unparalleled robust flavor. The firm yet flaky white flesh of this versatile fish is well suited to baking, sauteing, broiling, poaching, and pan-frying.

Featured Wild Striped Bass Recipes


  • Wild striped bass can be purchased whole or fileted: when selecting a whole fish, look for those whose eyes do not appear glassy (a classic sign of mishandling) and whose skin has defined, consistent stripes.
  • When buying filets, look for those that appear moist and firm; avoid any with yellow or brown tinges or with a strong odor.
  • For a guide on cleaning whole striped bass, complete with pictures, view these step-by-step instructions.

Where to Buy

Look for wild striped bass in season at your local fish market.

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