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2/28/11: Links We Love

A look at what we're reading, cooking, and clicking this week.

• A salad of blood orange and hearts of palm has sunny, tropical flavors but is perfectly seasonal for winter. The Wednesday Chef

• Grant Achatz's followup to Alinea is a restaurant called Next, where the menu changes every three months. Sound complicated? Yep, it is, but that's just the sort of thing Achatz does. NYTimes

• We're not sure if we can tear ourselves away from the Heinz, but this recipe for a "brighter, fresher" homemade ketchup could convert us yet. Serious Eats

• Market-driven cuisine makes its way to Pittsburgh, with predictably great culinary results. (Don't worry, there are still plenty of pierogies.) NYTimes

• A life-changing trick for your grilled cheese: instead of buttering the bread before pan-frying your sandwich, use mayonnaise. It's easier to handle, it cooks more evenly, and aside from a welcome tangy flavor it's almost imperceptibly different. Salon Food

• Heidi Swanson's second cookbook, Super Natural Every Day, seems likely to be just as indispensable in the kitchen as her first. Sneak a peek with a downloadable preview sampler of six recipes, including Black Sesame Otsu and an avocado mash made with mustard seeds. 101 Cookbooks

• David Lebovitz writes what will surely become the manual on food blogging. His advice? Stop thinking about SEO.

• A journey through history as told by food words that appear in the Oxford English Dictionary. Pad Thai, for example, was added way back in 1978. Cooked Books

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