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4/11/11: Links We Love

A look at what we're reading, clicking, and cooking this week.

• An in depth look at the chemistry of the bloody mary reveals a way to visualize the flavors and taste timeline of our favorite brunch beverage. NPR

• For all the Harry Potter fans out there, this butterscotch ganache filled "Butterbeer" cupcake is sure to be a hit. Amy Bites

• No space should be too small for an urban garden! For truly tiny spaces, Merry Farming Kits make it possible to plant a garden inside a PET bottle cap. GARDEN DESIGN

• Francis Lam signs off his last column for Salon with a unique recipe from Chef Michel Bras for crispy potatoes. Salon

• Ever wonder what 18th century food really tastes like? Contemporary chefs and cookbook publishers are working to recreate historic recipes, bringing the past into the present. Slate

• This elegant glass carafe has a spinning top as a stopper. Notcot

• If you're in need of some secret spy disguises, these clever cookies do the trick. And once you're done spying, you can gobble them up; so much better than a fake plastic nose! Munchkin Munchies

• Making oat pancakes is the perfect way to use up leftover oatmeal. The Wednesday Chef

• For vegetarian meals, why use fake meat substitutes when vegetables and cheeses are even more satisfying? Lorenza Muñoz shares her favorite vegetarian Mexican recipes. LA Times

Photograph: Early spring cherry blossoms by Nick Smarto

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