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• Where corn goes, bacon follows: Thanks to rising corn prices, the cost of pork belly is expected to skyrocket this summer. Better hoard your bacon now. Consumerist

• Combine funny man Conan O'Brien and meat master Myron Mixon and what do you get? A lot of dirty meat jokes and some delicious late night BBQ. Team Coco

• President Franklin Roosevelt was, among other things, an amateur mixologist: he hosted regular cocktail soirees at the White House, with a tendency towards vermouth-heavy martinis. (Stalin was reportedly a fan.) American Drink

• For the seltzer addict with a hard-core DIY streak, this homemade carbonator is a brilliant/crazy idea. All you need is a CO2 tank and regulator, some vinyl tubing, a ¼-turn ball valve, some snap-in Schrader tire valve stems, some hose barbs… Etsy

• Chocolate pairs perfectly with sad sappy music when you're feeling blue. One baker takes it to the next level by creating chocolate records that actually play! Like vinyl, make sure not to leave these sweet disks in the sun. Programmes

• Bye bye Rhubarb, we'll miss you. But before you're out of season, here's one last recipe to help us remember you until next year: a beautiful upside-down cake. Russian Season

Pictured: Artist Judith G. Klausner carves exquisite cameo-style portraits out of Oreos. We're in awe. [JGKlausner via Vulture]

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