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Lowered sodium intake has been the latest buzzy health trend, but a new study might suggest that sprinkling a little extra salt on your fries may not be such a awful thing. Scientific American

Kann 'Superhands' Trichan just might rate as one of the most hardcore cooks ever. In this video, he uses his bare hands to deep fry chicken. Please do not try this at home. Eater

America seems to have a bottomless appetite for food TV. Are we getting close to the breaking point? LA Times

Here's a novel theory about the future of food: Maybe the trend of hyper-attentive helicopter parenting means that the next generation of chefs will fall short creatively. The Gurgling Cod

Food artist Jennifer Rubell lines a hallway with cotton candy: visually appealing and it makes our mouth water! NY Magazine

Animal cruelty is no laughing matter, of course, but we're giggling over this tongue-in-cheek satire of a cruelty-free chicken farm. McSweeneys

Although gazpacho is typically made with uncooked ingredients, adding roasted tomatoes and blue cheese to this refreshing soup turns it savory. Running With Tweezers

Photo: Old Bay action shot from Maryland Crabbin' [When is Lunch? via House of Brinson]

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