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• Thanks to a group of Buddhists in Massachusetts, more than 500 lucky lobsters had their claw-binding rubber bands clipped and were set free into the ocean. Reuters

• Cutting hot peppers without gloves can lead to (what we like to call) "spicy fingers". We thought that unpleasant burning sensation has only been curable by patience and time, but it turns out there's an easy remedy involving ingredients you probably already have. The Kitchn

• There's more to menus than listed prices and dish descriptions. The Art of The Menu is a website that pays tribute to the clever menu design of restaurants around the world. Under Consideration

• We've dipped into our share of fruit salsas this summer, but we love the unexpected sweet and tart finish that happens when you add blueberries to the mix. How Sweet Eats

• While Nathan Myhrvold would have you decant wine with a blender, there's something to be said for taking it back to the basics. SFWeekly

• If you can never decide whether you're in the mood for something tart, sweet, or savory for dessert, here's the perfect compromise: grilled apricots with whipped ricotta, basil, and sherry vinegar syrup. Food52

Photo: Korean BBQ Style Bulgogi Burger from AsiaDog by MacKenzie Smith

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