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• By adding Spanish cedar — the type of wood synonymous with cigar boxes — to their brew, craft beer newbies, Cigar City Brewing, have created a surprisingly innovative new beer that tastes remarkably close to a Cuban cigar. USA Today

• Put to use the end of season abundance of summer squash by cooking them up in a fresh and bright lemon risotto. NY Times

• Mosquitoes got you itching to ditch outdoor dining events this time of year? Well go ahead and have another cocktail because It turns out that booze might just be a natural repellent. Food Republic

• Even though the weather's cooling down and hot drinks will soon be warming our hands, there's still time to enjoy a few more cups of iced coffee. And it's not too late to learn how to cold-brew it yourself! Kosher Camembert

• With fresh corn flooding the farmers markets, these versatile corn pancakes are perfect for any meal. Smother them with guacamole, fresh salsa and sour cream for a savory dish, or coat them in molasses and butter for a sweet treat. Closet Cooking

• Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but these incredible egg sandwiches will have you fueled up anytime of day. Serious Eats

• Sure, aged gouda pairs perfectly with a nice cabernet sauvignon, and a stinky Stilton balances nicely with a sweet port wine — but what happens when a double cream like Brillat-Savarin is paired with Emily Dickinson? Cheese and Poetry

_Photograph: Fairytale Eggplant by Flickr user Selkie30 _

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