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• Has Ruth Bourdain been unmasked? Ben Leventhal dishes. Ben Leventhal

• There's nothing like downing an ice cold martini to help with preflight jitters, but there are plenty of other foods to help you eat (or drink!) your way out of any situation. The Hairpin

• Crazy costume changes and a backyard black teepee spice up Sandra Lee's latest holiday-inspired episode. Gawker

• It turns out that someone with a big sweet tooth might actually have a sweeter personality. AOL

• Pumpkins, squash and pears are all synonymous with fall, but certain cereals are seasonal, too. This sticky recipe blends Count Chocula, Boo Berry, and Frankenberry with mini-marshmallows. Bittersweet Sugar & Sarcasm

• Cheese is the number one most stolen food in the entire world. Gothamist

• These salty lemon pops are reminiscent of puckery Japanese Super Lemon candies. NY Mag

Photograph: Pumpkin Pi by Stephen Johnson via Flickr

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