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• 22 months and 288,000 jelly beans later, Kina Grannis has come out with one of the coolest stop motion videos this year. Laughing Squid

• We love Tasting Table's new digital cookbook download, which features easy weeknight recipes from all-star chefs like Eric Ripert and Chad Robertson. Tasting Table

• Hard, unripe green figs are are transformed into a delicate preserve when canned with sugar, lemon zest, and cloves. New York Times

• If you're in the mood for some pumpkin pie but don't have the time to bake one, go for it in milkshake form instead. Gilt Taste

• Rich Moroccan merguez ragout with poached eggs is a savory dish that is just begging to be sopped up with a nice chunk of crusty bread. And best of all, it's a dish that's fit for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Serious Eats

• By adding a bit of cayenne pepper and maple syrup to brussels sprouts, the sweet and spicy results will have everyone at the table eating their greens. Not Rachel Ray

• Mustard oil, a controversial condiment for its tear-inducing properties, has finally made it to the states. It's excellent drizzled on everything from simple salads to expensive caviar. New York Times

• Seaweed skirts and octopus tunics are all the rage at a museum in Berlin. AFP

• Ted Allen mocks pretentious cooking by preparing some trendy fish coated in some fancy nut that you've never heard of, which is not only hilarious but it's also right on point. Eater

Photograph: Brussels Sprouts by Susy Morris via Flickr

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