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Links We Love: Laser-cut Sushi, Pixar’s Cereal Bar, and More

A look at what we’re reading, cooking, and clicking this week.

• Wolfgang Puck recently took his first trip to his wife's homeland, Ethiopia, where he experienced some of the country's traditional coffee ceremony, a bustling market, and a homemade meal or two. Wall Street Journal

• The latest trend to hit the sushi world is intricately designed, laser-cut nori, patterned with traditional Japanese motifs like cherry blossoms and tortoise shells. The Huffington Post

• NYU Professor Marion Nestle makes the case for the importance of recognizing good advice when it comes to eating right. While it can be a struggle to navigate the sea of often-conflicting studies, reports, and fads, the basic principles of nutritious eating couldn't be more simple. The Atlantic

• A fashion shoot inspired by the paintings of 16th century Italian painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo puts food at the center of attention: produce dresses, prawn necklaces, even a seafood headdress. T Magazine

• Since the 90s, ramps have been steadily growing in popularity, with a consequent increase in foraging and ramp poaching, resulting in serious levels of scarcity. The Smithsonian blames Martha Stewart; specifically, a recipe published in her magazine a decade ago. Smithsonian Magazine

• We love a good focaccia recipe. Toasted, slathered with jam, in a pressed panini, or even eaten plain, the possibilities are near endless. Scientically Sweet

• Pixar's headquarters may have a world-class theater and a room dedicated to action figures, but the real highlight is the cereal bar: stocked with virtually every cereal imaginable, it's the real fuel behind the animation studio. Devour

Photo: Ramps by sparktography/Flicker

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