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Links We Love: Type Sandwiches, Tricked-out Kitchens, and more

A look at what we’re reading, cooking, and clicking this week.

• "You eat with your eyes first" is a common refrain, but truly, there's nothing like that moment when a beautiful dish is set down in front of you. In this series from Gilt Taste, pastry chef Michael Laiskonis talks about how he approaches the design of a plate. Gilt Taste

• Must be nice to eat truffles and creme brulee for a living, right? Sounds fun, but perhaps in the end a job is a job — some of the foremost restaurant critics in the U.S. reveal a few of the surprising downsides to their work. Washingtonian

• Tuna melts made of type: we love this little distraction which creates a visual interpretation of a different sandwich every time the page is reloaded. Typewich

• The eccentric owner of Hansen & Lydersen, the salmon smokery that provides some of London's best-known restaurants with salmon, talks about his creative space, plays the piano, and more in this video interview. Nowness

• If you've ever brought home a bounty from the farmer's market only to watch it wilt before you can prepare it all, here's an ingenious tip for preserving delicate herbs before they expire. Huffington Post

• Kitchens of your dreams: a catalogue of test kitchens from some of the world's top restaurants shows off the spaces where chefs like Rene Redzepi go to work on new dishes. Eater