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Common Good Dish Soap

By Cory Baldwin

Published on March 7, 2013

While I love a clean kitchen, I can't say I'm a big fan of hand-washing dishes—my hands get cracked and dry, my back starts hurting while I stand there hunched over the sink, and I loathe that artificial orange smell that most corner store dish soaps give off. Because my rental apartment won't allow a dishwasher, I've had to trick myself into liking the process. When I started using these pleasantly-designed soaps from Common Good, I found myself looking forward to scrubbing those pots and pans (or at least not dreading the process as much). Scented with either bergamot or lavender essential oils, the plant-based formula doesn't irritate my sensitive skin, but just a few drops gets my dishes spick and span. And for those who like to refill their dish soap instead of buying new plastic bottles each month, Common Good offers refillable glass pump bottles marked "hand soap" and "dish soap" to keep next to your sink.

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