By Sahar Siddiqi

Published on January 18, 2013

I'm a big soda drinker, though I don't always love the sugar rush and subsequent crash—and I can never seem to get used to the artificial-sweetener taste of diet versions. But one day not too long ago, I stumbled upon what just might be the solution: I discovered Seattle-based DRY Soda, and my whole outlook on carbonated beverages was shaken (but not to explosion). With just 19 grams of natural cane sugar—less than half of what you'd find in a big-brand can—this feel-good pop comes in eight inspiring flavors, which are designed to complement a wide variety of foods, beverages, and palates. I've become partial to the cucumber version, whose subtle grassiness is great out of the bottle, or as an addition to my Sunday bloody mary. I also keep Vanilla Bean, Blood Orange, and Juniper Berry in rotation—that last one does amazing things when you pair it with gin.

DRY Soda, $38 for 24 bottles at

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