Savannah Bee Company Raw Honeycomb

Chewy, fragrant, and sweet, raw honey comb is a natural born delicacy.

byMary Zarikos| PUBLISHED Apr 18, 2013 9:30 PM
Savannah Bee Company Raw Honeycomb

I tried raw honeycomb for the first time in Istanbul a few years ago. It was served with breakfast at the hotel where I was staying. Slathered on a simit(bagel), the first bite was transformative: chewy, fresh and pleasantly sweet. Later that week, I ate honeycomb again, this time with kaymak, the Turkish version of clotted cream. Such a delicious mouthful! I knew I'd be seeking the sweet stuff once I got back home. Savannah Bee Company in Savannah, Georgia, has wonderful, floral honeycomb, harvested from bees in my neck of the woods. Researching the company, I discovered that this unrefined form of honey is the healthiest and purest you can get. It's also, at least in my opinion, the most delicious.

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