Olive You Forever: Valentines for the Hungry

Forget flowers, skip the teddy bears, definitely forego the lingerie—this Valentine's Day, send your favorite food lover a heartfelt sentiment that speaks a language they understand. Any one of our punning Valentines sends the right message; all eight of them together create a feast of affection we're sure no Valentine can resist. Share them on Facebook, or print them out and share them the old-fashioned way. See our Valentine's Day guide for tons of recipe ideas, menus, and more »

Lettering and illustration by Laura Sant

You Have a Pizza My Heart
You Have a Pizza My HeartLaura Sant
I'm Soy in Love with You
I'm Soy in Love with YouLaura Sant
I Only Have Pies for You
I Only Have Pies for YouLaura Sant
Radish Me
Radish MeLaura Sant
You Make My Heart Smelt
You Make My Heart SmeltLaura Sant
Olive You Forever
Olive You ForeverLaura Sant
I'll Never Let You Gyoza
I'll Never Let You GyozaLaura Sant
You Confit Me
You Confit MeLaura Sant