Flavorful Flowers

Squash blossoms are just as good to eat as the plant’s fruit

By Kaitlin Hill

Published on June 2, 2014

Light and airy, with a subtle squash flavor, squash blossoms, the yellow-orange flowers that sprout along the tendrils of zucchini and other squash plants each summer, are wonderful to cook. While they're often enjoyed stuffed with flavorful fillings like anchovies, then fried, the blossoms can also be used raw as a salad garnish. Most supermarkets won't carry squash blossoms due to their high perishability, but farmers' markets and gourmet food stores offer them throughout the summer. Look for flowers that are tightly closed and avoid those that are limp or discolored. Since the blossoms have a short shelf life, use them within a day of purchase. Rinse them and store them in the fridge, wrapped loosely in paper towels until ready for use. Be sure to remove the stamens before working with them.

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