Sometimes even the most creative cooks run out of steam when deciding what to make for dinner. Enter Foodie Dice, a kitchen tool that adds a bit of chance to menu planning, while still leaving lots of room for interpretation. It’s a set of nine dice—four vegetable options (one for each season), plus one each for protein, cooking method, grain or carb, herb, and a bonus ingredient to boost flavor or texture. Select the appropriate seasonal vegetable die, add it to all the others, and then give them a good shake and roll; whatever you get is the basis for your meal. I had a blast testing out the set and letting my mind run with the different flavor combinations Lady Luck had chosen for me: pan-fried fish with mustard greens, lemon, thyme, and quinoa; sautéed chicken with broccoli, mushrooms, basil, and polenta. And unlike in Vegas, if you’re not happy with the result, just roll again until you are!

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