One Good Find: John & Kira’s Mighty Urban Garden Mint Bar

Fresh-picked sweetness

byKristen Martin| PUBLISHED Mar 18, 2019 10:30 PM
One Good Find: John & Kira’s Mighty Urban Garden Mint Bar

When I lived in Philadelphia, I made weekly trips to the Rittenhouse Square Farmers’ Market to pick up greens, fruit, and mint—the mint just happened to come in the form of a chocolate bar. John & Kira’s, a Philly-based chocolatier, steeps fresh mint leaves directly into 62% dark chocolate, making crisp and refreshing bars that aren't cloying like some other mint chocolates. [I used to justify my chocolate-at-a-farmers'-market purchase with the knowledge that] I also love that John & Kira’s uses ingredients that support family producers and local urban gardens. They make their Mighty Mint bar with peppermint leaves from six different city gardens, including one run by the Urban Nutrition Initiative, a West Philadelphia-based program that teaches teenagers to grow, cook, and eat healthy foods, and five percent of each bar’s proceeds goes directly back to community growing spaces [these gardens]. Though I no longer live in Philadelphia, I still support the Urban Nutrition Initiative—and my sweet tooth—with these minty confections.

John & Kira’s Mighty Urban Garden Mint Bar, $7.50 each at