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One Good Find: Vegetable Chart Kitchen Towels

A clever kitchen accessory

By Marshall Bright

Published on March 18, 2014

My sister and I and are both passionate home cooks, with one major difference: While you can often find me wrestling with a pork shoulder, my sister is a vegetarian who sprinkles flax seeds on everything. When I saw these cheeky illustrated tea towels from R&S Scullery, a Brooklyn-based husband and wife team who are themselves vegetarians, I knew I had found the perfect gift for her. Sold in sets of four, the towels plays off the fad of butcher charts that label different cuts of meat on an animal—but instead of a pig or cow, each design breaks down a different vegetable into imagined parts: the “scrag” of the carrot, the “loin” of the eggplant, and, my favorite, the “chump” and the “picnic shoulder” of the cauliflower. Vegetarian or omnivore, I loved their colorful design so much I had to get my own set.

Set of four vegetable chart kitchen towels; $58 at

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