How to Truss Chicken

To secure the filling for the pollo relleno, chicken stuffed with Manchego, mushrooms, and spinach, truss the bird by sewing the cavity and tying the legs and wings.

byJudy Haubert| PUBLISHED Mar 18, 2019 10:23 PM
How to Truss Chicken

1. Place chicken breast side up with legs facing you. Thread 8″ trussing needle with 24″ of kitchen twine knotted at one end. Starting at top of cavity, push needle through edges of skin and sew stitches about 1/4″ apart toward tail. Tuck tail up and under sewn edge and finish sewing cavity closed; tie a knot and trim excess twine.

2. Place a 48″ length of twine underneath and perpendicular to the legs. Pull ends of twine up and around each leg; cross twine in an “X” pattern over top of legs.

3. Twist twine at “X” and wrap ends under opposite legs to create a horizontal hourglass shape.

4. Pull ends of twine toward chicken's neck and under each wing. Flip chicken over and cross twine at the neck. Wrap twine around wings, tie a knot, and trim excess.

5. Flip chicken over, tuck the wing tips under, and roast.