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SAVEUR Gift Guides: Dishes and Decor for a Stylish Home Upgrade

Gorgeous recommendations from style guru Athena Calderone of Eye-Swoon

By Craig Cavallo

Published on December 10, 2015

Athena Calderone is the lifestyle designer behind EyeSwoon, a website she founded in 2011 to share her passions for food, entertaining, fashion, and design. She's endlessly curious, with a keen eye for detail, and she's constantly on the prowl for products that improve our homes and kitchens down to the tables and plates we eat on. So from extra-seating daybeds and sheepskin rugs to a set of pans that look just as good on the table as they do in the oven, here are her recommendations for home decor products that'll make your eye, well, swoon.

TRNK Dinner Plate

“Any food would look all the more enticing atop this stark canvas of matte black dinnerware.” 10.75″ Dinner Plate, $48 from TRNK

Neona Flatware

“These are just beautiful and delicate. I recently invested in this dramatic black flatware for my own home.” Neona Flatware, $128 from Anthropologie

Mud Australia 2 Cup Round Teapot, Ash

“Between the stout body, curved spout, and handle, the proportions of this handcrafted teapot are both sweet and elegant.” Mud Australia 2 Cup Round Teapot, Ash, $185 from Horne

Handmade White Candlesticks

The subtle matte white finish on these handcrafted candlesticks is so lovely. I use candlesticks in tabletop décor fairly often because they’re a great way to add ambient lighting to a space. Handmade White Candlesticks, Large, $36 from Alder and Co.

Gjelina: Cooking from Venice, California Cookbook

“I absolutely adore the rustic, Californian-Mediterranean dining experience of Gjelina. This would be a stunning addition to any cookbook collection.” Gjelina: Cooking from Venice, California, around $20 from Amazon

Tom Dixon Marble Spice Grinder

“Combining marble and brass, this is an elevated spice grinder I would happily display on the counter.” Tom Dixon Marble Spice Grinder, $150 from Spartan Shop

Tenfold, Washed Linen All-Use Textile

“You can never go wrong with high-quality linen textiles. This bedcover would impart a sense of rugged sophistication to your home.” Tenfold, Washed Linen All-Use Textile, $398 from The Line

Japanese Cast Iron Skillet and Fish Pan

“With their beautifully angular forms, these cooking vessels could go straight from the stovetop to the dinner table. Cast iron also tends to be durable and long-lasting.” Japanese Cast Iron Skillet and Fish Pan with Lid, $220 and $375 from abc home

Forest Ware Large Planter

“The muted marble effect is beautiful and subtle, and they’re all handmade, so every one is unique.” Forest Ware Large Planter, $285 from Lost & Found

Blackreek Mercantile & Trading Co. Small Cutting Board

“The shape and dark finish of these cutting boards is incredibly refined. They wear over time too, and develop a patina I always love.” Blackreek Mercantile & Trading Co. Small Cutting Board, $180 from March

OGK Daybed, Black

“You can use this daybed indoors or outdoors and as extra seating or a cot. It’s a classic daybed as versatile as it is timeless.” OGK Daybed, Black, $790 from The Line

Black Sheep (White Light), Large Gotland Sheepskin

“This silky, silvery sheepskin would feel incredible underfoot in the winter!” Black Sheep (White Light), Large Gotland Sheepskin, $450 from The Line

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