Featured by Catherine Tillman Whalen

Food illustrations Jeff Segundo
“A lengthy marination yields the most flavor for the least actual cooking time,” advises Shizuo Tsuji in his definitive book Practical Japanese Cooking.
Picpoul de Pinet is the “perfect white T-shirt” of any wine collection.
Lane Harlan and Carlos Raba
Handmade Ramen Noodles
Hugh Amano and Sarah Becan’s Let’s Make Ramen! is a cookbook in comic book form—the perfect way to demystify everything from the history to the step-by-step preparation of authentic Japanese ramen.
Author Catherine Tillman Whalen (far left, “blood”), her three children (Jack, second from left, “lice”; her daughter, second from right, “darkness”; her younger son, far right, “frogs”) and their “plus one”, Ava (center, “wild animals”) don masks representing a few of the ten plagues on Egypt.
Bacon Fried Rice
sliced brioche loaf
Loretta Harrison, in her Faubourg ­Marigny shop