Our 15 Favorite Vegan Instagrams

Fill your feed with the prettiest of the plant-based food world

By Abigail Contreras

Published on May 25, 2017

If you have an Instagram account, you no doubt know there's no shortage of mouthwatering, food-loving Instagram feeds to follow (hint: we have one) whether you're into sweets and pastries, coffee, or even food-minded design and decor.

But for those who've given up animal products, whether for ethical or personal reasons, many of the these accounts aren't too helpful, and can be off-putting to the animal-product-averse. Rest assured: some of our favorite Instagram accounts are 100 percent vegan and vegetarian friendly.

From plant-based bloggers to big-name chefs and restaurants, here are the ethically sound, sustainability-minded, meat-free vegan Instagram accounts that we love.

Vermillion Roots (@vermillionroots)

Bring some Southeast Asian flavor to your vegan cooking

A finalist for Best New Voice in the 2016 SAVEUR Blog Awards, this San Francisco-based blogger brings Southeast Asian flavors to her meat-free cooking. After moving to California in 2015, Christine began blogging as a way to share her love of cooking.

Spread of champions
The Minty Anne (@themintyanne)

Spread of champions

Los Angeles-based college student and photographer Krystal runs the plant-based blog Minty Anne. Though she eschews the label "vegan," she's a big-time champion of the lifestyle, which she said has made her healthier, happier, and more goal-driven than ever before.

VEDGE (@vedgephiladelphia)

From Philly with love

Chefs Richard Landau and Kate Jacoby put vegetables in the spotlight at their Philadelphia restaurant. It’s no surprise that their instagram is a treasure trove of seasonal ingredients and recipes prepared in their kitchen.

College-friendly recipes are at your fingertips

This New York City college student-turned-blogger uses Instagram to share the original recipes she’s created. Her love of animals is what first inspired her to go vegan, and now she shares the joys of her simple, nutritious, ethical, and environmentally-conscious meals on her blog.

Edgar Raw (@edgarraw)

In case you missed tacos

Edgar’s inventive recipes provide healthy, meatless alternatives to common carnivore favorites like meatloaf, burgers and tacos. And you won’t have to dig around for recipes: Edgar posts the directions right in the description.

Incorporating fresh produce, vegan food is not only some of the most healthy—it’s also some of the most colorful. This Australian blogger turns fruit into art with her beautifully curated smoothie bowls and fruit plates.

Matthew Kenney (@matthewkenneycuisine)

Yes, chef

Matthew Kenney is a renowned vegan chef, author, and entrepreneur. He currently has five restaurants around the world, and in 2009, he founded the world’s first raw food culinary program. His Instagram is a gallery of green art with a few pictures of his adorable cat, Rumple, mixed in.

Avantgarde Vegan (@avantgardevegan)

We’ll take all ten

UK-based vlogger Gaz Oakley makes a vegan version of everything from panna cotta to pizza. He uses his feed to feature the recipes he’s cooked up in his kitchen. The best part? Each recipe comes with a handy step-by-step video showing you how to recreate these fabulous eats.

Dates and Avocados (@datesandavocados)

Say it with me: you don’t need butter and eggs

If you have a sweet tooth, definitely follow vegan pastry chef Lore Salas. She proves butter and eggs aren’t everything when it comes to baking and her colorful posts will inspire you to preheat your oven and plug in your mixers. And yes, there are dates and avocados if that’s your thing.

The Rustic Vegan (@bjonr)

We’ll take a slice

The Rustic Vegan is an electronic musician called bjonr by day, but he also happens to have one of our favorite vegan feeds. His Instagram and Youtube channell use beautiful videos to help you prepare your next meal. He uses striking colors and staging to create dramatic photographs that elevate everyday favorites like muffins, burgers and cheesecake.

Erin Ireland (@erinireland)

Top of the mornin’

Canadian food reporter Erin Ireland reports for CTV Morning Live, BC Living Magazine and her own site, It's to Die For. She's also the owner of To Die For Fine Foods, an artisan baking company which specializes in banana bread and lemon loaf.

Blissful Basil (@blissfulbasil)

We’d be blissful after eating this

Ashley Melillo is a recipe writer, author, and psychologist who shifted to full on veganism in 2014 and hasn't looked back. She uses her blog, Blissful Basil, to reconnect with herself and her love of cooking.

Mississippi Vegan (@mississippivegan)

We’re booking our tickets to Mississippi

Timothy Pakron started as an artist, but soon combined his love for art with his love for vegan eats and became a chef and food stylist. His posts are feasts for the eyes that will make you wish you could go to Mississippi to take one of his private workshops.

Daphne Cheng (@daphnecheng_)

Minimalism goals

Daphne, executive chef of New York City vegan restaurants Mother of Pearl and Ladybird, is one of the brightest up-and-comers in the plant-based world. Her beautifully-curated feed will inspire you to host a vegan dinner party, travel to faraway places, and naturally, eat more veggies.

Oh She Glows (@ohsheglows)

A glowing bowl

Angela Liddon wants to inspire everyone—yes, even fussy kids and meat eaters—to add more green to their plate. She began her blog as a way to help her recover from an eating disorder. It was a huge success: she has over 1 million readers each month and a cookbook, Oh She Glows Everyday, featuring her recipes and photography.

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