Classically, a shandy is light beer combined with a citrus soda and sipped on a warm day; it is refreshing and flavorful. This cocktail stays true to the original in flavor, but magnifies the intensity. Bitter citrus flavors from the peels and spicy fresh ginger combine to bring life to this beautiful cocktail base that simply requires a cold beer to complete it. Though classic lighter lagers are the usual go to, it is definitely worth experimenting to find one’s favorites! Cocktail recipe by Eamon Rockey from Betony in NYC.

Bitter Shandy [sponsored] Bitter Shandy
Bitter Shandy cocktail recipe presented by Everclear<sup>®</sup>

Cocktail Ingredients

  • 1 oz. Shandy Mix
  • 12 oz. beer of choice, ice-cold


  1. Combine ingredients over ice in a chilled beer or Collins glass with a large wedge of lemon or lime, and sip through a straw.

Shandy Mix

  • 6 limes, juiced, skins reserved
  • 4 lemons, juiced, skins reserved
  • 14 cup water
  • 14 cup fresh ginger, thinly sliced
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 cup Everclear®


  1. Combine sugar with citrus skins, water and ginger; allow to steep at room temperature for 1 hour, and stir vigorously until the sugar has dissolved. Add Everclear® and rest for an additional 3 hours. Strain the liquid from the solids and store refrigerated.