India: Travel Guide

Over a dozen guides and itineraries for traveling throughout India, practical travel tips, and most importantly, the Indian foods not to miss as you plan your own journey.

From the snow-covered ranges in the north to the tropical waterways snaking through the south, we traversed the massive sub-continent of India while researching and writing our August/September 2014 Special India Issue. Along the way we encountered some of the most inspiring markets, mouth watering street foods, and knowledgable local guides. Here, we share this information with you in the form of over a dozen guides and itineraries, practical travel tips, and most importantly, the foods not to miss as you plan your own journey.

India Travel Tips

  • Practical Travel

    A trip to India is guaranteed to be filled with unforgettable experiences and flavors, but there are certain things you should know before you go to make the most of your trip. Here's our advice on how to get there smoothly and hit the ground running once you land.

  • Planning an Authentic Trip

    When it comes to getting the most out of a place, whether on vacation or reporting a story, we seek out people who know their stuff to guide us and give us a glimpse of the true heart of the place they call home. 

  • Guide Books & Resources

    Traveling to India takes a bit of planning, which is why we’ve rounded up the best guide books and apps to help you navigate this vast and varied country.  

Guides & Itineraries

What to Eat

Traveling to India? Make sure you try these 10 iconic dishes and drinks—from satisfying street snacks to soulful rice dishes.

Samosas fried or baked, triangular or conical, samosas are perhaps India’s most ubiquitous snack. Sold by street vendors and fine-dining restaurants alike, the pastry is typically filled with spiced potatoes and peas and is almost always accompanied by a chutney or mint sauce. While the vegetarian variety is most prevalent, meat and paneer versions are also delicious.

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