Celia Sack has been collecting cookbooks and books on food for 20 years. She opened Omnivore Books in San Francisco seven years ago, “because I ran out of room at home,” she says. “That’s the problem with being a collector. You find these roads to go down that you weren’t expecting. But your library is full.” These roads open up thanks, in large part, to eBay, university libraries, and private collectors, all sources for her cookbook obsession.

Sack grew up around books. Her mom was a hand bookbinder and, before opening Omnivore, she worked at an auction house as a rare book specialist. So while two-thirds of her shop’s stock is new releases, the rest is dedicated to antiquarian books. “I love finding treasures of rare antiquarian books,” Sack says. That’s where she discovers books from the Depression era with gems like tips on roadside marketing, as in, pile your melons high if your farm is at a dip in the road.

If you’re looking for tips on the best cookbooks to gift this holiday season, look no further. Here are Celia Sack’s ten favorites.

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Franny’s: Simple Seasonal Italian

‘Great and simple ideas for pastas and flatbread, from which you can riff endlessly.’ Amazon

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Franny’s: Simple Seasonal Italian, around $24 from Amazon

Bromberg Bros. Blue Ribbon Cookbook

‘Simply the only fried chicken recipe you’ll ever need. Plus great ideas for cooking for a crowd.’

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Bromberg Bros. Blue Ribbon Cookbook, around $7 from Amazon

The Art of Simple Food

‘People think an Alice Waters recipe must be difficult, but the truth couldn’t be more opposite. Try the tortilla soup as proof!’ Amazon

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The Art of Simple Food, around $21 from Amazon

My Bombay Kitchen

‘Even without pictures, this book taught me how to cook Indian food with intelligence, confidence, and ease.’ Amazon

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My Bombay Kitchen, around $23 from [Amazon}({rel= nofollow}

This is Camino

‘Excellent lessons on using up everything you’ve got and cooking over a fire, and it’s gracefully written.’ Amazon

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This is Camino, around $25 from Amazon

Mad Hungry: Feeding Men and Boys

‘There are basically no men or boys in my life, but my wife and I devour everything we make out of this book ourselves.’ Amazon

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Mad Hungry: Feeding Men and Boys, around $19 from Amazon

Salade: Recipes from the Market Table

‘Salad ideas with chapters focused on ingredients and listed alphabetically. Get stuck with a ton of cucumbers this year? There’s a whole chapter of ideas!’ Pascales Kitchen

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Salade: Recipes from the Market Table, $29.95 from Amazon

The Sunset Cookbook

‘Food of the West, which includes not just the American West, but also Latin American and Asian cuisines’ that thrive on the West Coast. Amazon

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The Sunset Cookbook, around $5 from Amazon

The Taste of Country Cooking

‘Edna Lewis’ recipes and writings about Southern cookery make me want to be a better cook.’ Amazon

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The Taste of Country Cooking, around $20 from Amazon

The Zuni Cafe Cookbook

‘Tells you why you’re doing what you’re doing in the kitchen, and it’s done by a great writer.’ Amazon

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The Zuni Cafe Cookbook, around $27 from Amazon