Grilled Vegetables

Whether eggplant or asparagus, an amazing transformation happens to vegetables when you put them over an open flame. These recipes show some of our favorite things to do when you find yourself facing a grill with produce in hand; for more inspiration for outdoor vegetable cooking, see our story Meat-Free Grilling Ideas.

See the Recipe
See the Recipe
See the Recipe
We created this summery dish to showcase some of the fresh produce found in the small farms we've visited through the years, but you can substitute with the market's freshest ingredients. See the recipe for Grilled Vegetable Stacks »
Choose tender, bright green pods with beans that feel fresh and pliable through the pod skin for this quick and simple vegetable dish. See the recipe for Grilled Whole Favas »
Only a hint of garlic and parsley are needed to season these earthy rich mushrooms. See the recipe for Grilled Mushrooms »
Whether cooked over coals or under a broiler, tender halved baby artichokes have a delicate yet concentrated flavor and a crisp exterior. See the recipe for Grilled Baby Artichokes »
Sliced, grilled vegetables served in a simple marinade or vinaigrette are a fixture at many Tuscan meals.
Traditionally, this recipe calls for Spanish calçots and ñora peppers. Scallions and ancho chiles are good substitutes.
Baby artichokes, dressed with olive oil and garlic, take center stage in this lemony dish. Get the recipe for Pasta with Grilled Artichokes »
The combination of grilled squash and a cool, creamy aioli flavored with ramps is springtime at its best.
Ripe tomatoes develop umami-rich flavor when grilled with a soy sauce marinade. Mitsuba, a Japanese relative of parsley, lends a mild cilantro-like freshness.
Sweet corn grilled in its husk is enhanced by an herbal goat cheese compound butter. Get the recipe for Grilled Corn with Herbed Goat Cheese Butter »
Grilled ears of corn take on a smokiness that pairs well with a garlicky pesto.
Double-skewering scallions ensures they don't fall through grill grates and allows for easier basting and flipping.

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