5 To Try: University Dairy Cheeses

In universities from Nebraska to Washington, there's a delicious way to show your school spirit: campus dairies are creating signature cheeses from tangy blues to crumbly, smoky cheddars. Here are five of our favorites.

Clemson University Blue Cheese

Clemson University Blue Cheese
Handmade on traditional equipment dating back seven decades, this semisoft, mild Roquefort-style blue cheese comes in wheels, wedges, crumbled, and in a tangy dressing. It tastes great sprinkled over a simple salad with a splash of olive oil and sherry vinegar. Clemson University
(800) 599-0181
Clemson University

Michigan State University Dagano

Michigan State University Dagano Cheese
Brining, and then aging for four to eight weeks in a 50-degrees-Fahrenheit cave, lends this Swiss-inspired, yellow-hued cheese a nutty taste that's perfect for grilling. MSU Dairy Store
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Michigan State University

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Husker

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Husker Cheese
Stirring and washing, rather than milling the curds of this semi-soft, mellow, Monterey Jack-style cheese, lowers its acidity and adds a smooth creaminess, making it the perfect topping for a burger. University of Nebraska-Lincoln Dairy Store
(402) 472-2828
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

University of Wisconsin Madison Juustoleipa

University of Wisconsin Madison Juustoleipa Cheese
A few flips in a hot skillet crisps and softens, but does not melt, this uncultured Finnish-style cheese, made with local milk from the university dairy and nearby farms. Moist, gooey, and slightly salty, the cheese tastes quite like Cypriot halloumi. Available only at the college dairy store, it's worth a detour if you're in Wisconsin. Babcock Hall Dairy Store
(608) 262-3045
University of Wisconsin

Washington State University Smoky Cheddar

Washington State University Smoky Cheddar Cheese
This crumbly, hickory-flavored, aged American cheddar, made with milk from the university's herd of Holstein cows, is packaged in a steel can, a signature since the cheese was first created in 1940. Washington State University Creamery
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Washington State University